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ART 21 in a nutshell... 

Atelier ART 21 provides weekly lessons in drawing and painting during the school year and workshops covering specific subjects during the vacations. 

The Atelier offers a practical approach to art.  Everyone from the age of 18 upwards is welcome, from complete novices to those with some experience already behind them.  Emphasis is placed on the development of an individual’s creative talents and practical skills within a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.  A high level of professional supervision encourages serious work and provides material for personal reflection on the art of the present and its debt to the past.


Atelier Art 21 is presently located at the House of Arts of Schaerbeek and is recognised by the Commune of Schaerbeek’s Department of Culture.


The courses are given in French.


(All works shown here are by students of the Atelier - © Art 21)

We are delighted to welcome our new teacher, Babette Goossens!

Painter, graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels in 2014 and winner of a Spes scholarship in 2015, she trained in the technique of fresco painting in Florence and Rome during 2016 and 2018 (Residence at the Academia Belgica). Since then, she has given several introductory courses in egg painting and watercolour.

Her personal work focuses on oil painting, watercolour, Indian ink, tempera, pencil, charcoal and video.


Techniques offered : oil painting, egg painting, gouache, "affresco" technique, watercolour, Indian ink, charcoal, sanguine, graphite, pencil, felt-tip pen, pencil, pencil, brush, ...

The practice of classical techniques can lead to a sensitive reflection on one's own artistic development; it is an invitation to remain open to historical reference whilst welcoming investigation within a contemporary context.


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